Art at the Art center?

Why this post? Because we hear this question a lot of times and we have been continuously criticized about the art (of) being or not being produced at the Art center. Again the time has come to start an open debate about this issue.

As strange as it may sound, Art center is a place that combines different aspects of living and working through artistic concepts. Art center is a fluid entity and art is about change. We are a place for many different voices, where diverse approaches invite innovation and conflict but achieve (a creative) greater good.

Doing very different things than are usually expected may seem unclear at first sight, but becomes coherent and connected when taken enough time to sink deeper into the context and origins of why.

Questions (or answers) about who we are as artists, what we want to do and how we work, usually create even more confusion. As individuals, and as an organization that does not fit into few of the accepted cathegories of an art & culture ngo within our local context, we simply have to constantly think about and deal with these underlying issues.

Being aware of different notions about our concepts and visions, art and life, which are deeply intertwined with one another at the Art center, are part of our daily life and our struggle. And there is no simple answer.

How can we make it visible? Do we have the ability to answer them and what does it take? Do we allow ourselves to be heard?

That’s why in this blog we will try to think about art through research we are doing for ourselves, discuss different views and prepare reports about our guest artists and creators from different fields working with or at the Art center, who participate and contribute their ideas and projects to our vision.

All of the mentioned above make Art center day by day a living organism and part of local and global community – within arts, social field, ecology, science … and now more than ever, we have to commit ourselves to that work.