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Art at the Art center?

Why this post? Because we hear this question a lot of times and we have been continuously criticized about the art (of) being or not being produced at the Art center. Again the time has come to start an open debate about this issue.

As strange as it may sound, Art center is a place that combines different… Read the rest

Fast forward to April

It’s been ages since our last post and there’s a good reason for that – too much work and 2 months have passed so quickly! So here’s a FFWD to April…

February 2014: From Schnapps to Hemp

Thanks to Ana and Martin, Katja and especially Marjan and Jakob, we are learning… Read the rest

Blogging about a cultural holiday

At the Art center we blog just about anything – self-sufficient gardening, food, DIY building, mini projects, our guests, and lately even about ecological cleaners. This will sound very Monty Python, but our artistic center (together with our blog) is an excellent metaphor for (current) state… Read the rest